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Auto Tint Technical Specifications

Non Reflective Charcoal 5% (Limo Auto Tint)

NR Charcoal 5%
Global Window Films Quick Dry Plus Limo (QDP)

Solar Energy Transmitted
Solar Energy Absorbed
Solar Energy Reflected

Visible Light Transmitted
Visible Light Reflected - Interior
Visible Light Reflected - Exterior

Ultraviolet Rejected
Shading Coefficient
Solar Heat Reduction

Total Solar Energy Rejected

Glare Reduction









Premium Auto Tint by Global Window Films & Distributed by Solar Control Films:

  • High Performance (HP) Charcoal
    • HP Charcoal 5%
    • HP Charcoal 10%
    • HP Charcoal 20%
    • HP Charcoal 30%
    • HP Charcoal 40%
    • HP Charcoal 50%

  • Ceramic QDP Films - The Best Car Tint in the Industry
    • Ceramic QDP 4%
    • Ceramic QDP 18%
    • Ceramic QDP 33%
    • Ceramic QDP 42%
    • Ceramic QDP 50%
    • Crystal Clear 85%

NR Charcoal 5%  Limo Auto Tint

Pasadena Auto Tint Shop, JC Window Tinting in South Houston, TX applies Global Window Films Quick Dry Plus series of auto window film which offers a lifetime automotive warranty backed by the factory that includes "Never to Fade Purple."  You can rest assured when your professional tinter at JC's tints your car, truck, suv, vehicle, boat, home and office.  Premium quality window films & expert installation is what you get at JC's in South Houston, Texas.

JC's Window Tinting of Pasadena, TX and South Houston, Texas
Professional Auto Tint Shop for Window Film Tinting
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QDP NR Charcoal  5% 20%  30%  40%  50%

Stay Cool with Insulation for your Glass in Pasadena, Texas

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